12 Facts to change your life forever.

1) Before beginning to use any Cellular Nutritional
Product including mine, it is highly recommended
that you learn the most you can about cellular
nutrition in relationship to your body and its

2) Nutritional companies create products in the
form of tablets, powders and capsules with
ingredients based on the research of scientists.
However, cells need more potent nutrition based
on the functions and needs of the individual cells.

3) You could live a happy, healthy and youthful
life that would take you well over 100 years just
like the Hunza People of the Andes.

4) However it’s never to late to turn back the hands
of time.

5) Many of my clients, who only started this
program when they were well into their 80’s (see
testimonials in Cell-Ology Book I - Concept and
Feel Well for Life Guide - Book I & II) have
achieved tremendous results.

6) Live Energy “Quick” Foods almost instantly
rebuilds your sick and old cells in all of your

7) You have to be responsible to your body and
feed it what it requires otherwise it will rebel
through sickness, illness and disease.

8) Live Energy “Quick” Foods is a type of cellular
nutritional product.

9) Inherent genetic weaknesses are passed down
through family lines.

A diet based on certain combinations of “live
foods” would ensure every child a very strong
immune and genetic factor in all of their cells, in
all of their organs in their body and future
generations as well.

11) This powerful source of nutrition was
uncovered through findings based on decades of
Dr. Hanna’s scientific research in the field of
cellular metabolism an neuropathology.

12) You need to know this information in order to
properly feed the cells so that your cellular
nutritional products work for the long term and
not just a quick fix.

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