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Dr. Hanna's products and recipes include ingredients with high levels of vitamin B17 and cruciferous vegetables which contain sulforaphane and molybdenum – “prevents” and” treats” all types of cancer.

Dr Hanna's recipe "Veggie Cream" is an important combination of vegetables from the cruciferous family that is imperative in "treating" cancer.

Feel Well For Life Guide Book I has important recipes and gives instructions on how to store these recipes in your refrigerator and freezer for 1 to 4 months.


We Have 3 Options To Get You Started

each one economical and easy to understand.


At the Dr. Hanna Institute we have made complete nutrition convenient for you
by creating “quick and easy” to prepare raw organic recipes along with ready to go foods that will directly revitalize and re-energize your cells AND save you money!

Dr. Hanna has developed full meal replacements including protein and vegetable recipes with 44 essential nutrients (native to the foods - not supplements) that support your normal diet while naturally increasing energy and reducing the amount of food you eat.

The cruciferous vegetables, almonds and red clover seeds included fight disease (specifically cancer) while the raw ground proteins rebuild sick and old cells. The results from this holistic approach will be a better functioning digestive system, mental clarity and overall improved health.

Eating these combinations of foods will instantly normalize…
• bowel movements
• blood pressure
• blood sugar
• cholesterol level
(see testimonials)

These programs will remove harmful toxins and germs from your body.


1 meal costs less then $3.00!
(see below for detailed explanation and cost breakdown).

Option #1: My 3 Recipe Books (on CD) = $19.95
ground vegetables

• Feel Well For Life Guide Book I “($19.95)
• “The Food Cream Book” (free)
• “The Marinated Salad Book“ (free)

These three books outline our complete nutrition programs, while teaching you how to prepare raw meals with protein, fibers and vegetables. The recipes will keep your vegetables fresh for 2 weeks to 4 months using organic lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil as a preservative.


Recipes for vegetable creams (prepared in advance) that save you time and money along with providing all the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes, bran (fibers) and proteins your body needs.

Marinated salads (prepared in advance) with unique and important combinations of vegetables which are easy to digest and give you the nutrients your body needs each day for optimum health.

How to prepare “Veggie Cream” and introduces raw proteins to your existing diet and information on preparing them in your food processor.

Vegetables are prepared in 3 different forms:
• Creamed
• Shredded
• Chopped

For detailed information regarding benefits and options click here to browse through our website.

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NOTE: When you are planning to buy your ingredients avoid small seeds like broccoli , chia, poppy seeds, your food processor cannot split them. If they are not ground properly your body cannot digest them.

Option #2:
Dr. Hanna 16 - Getting Started Nutrition Program = $67.00
nutrition program

1 meal costs less then $3.00!
(see below for detailed explanation and calculations).

• “Feel Well For Life Guide Book I” (CD) $19.95
• “Be Your Own Practitioner“ Book (CD) FREE!
• FiberTein (2 lbs) $27.58 (two month supply)

99% organic ground (no powder) bran (fibers), seeds
• Veggietein (1lb) $20.47 (one month supply)
100% organic ground nuts, seeds, vegetable seeds
• Rejuvenation Bar (1.5 oz) and PowerBlast (1oz) Free Samples

FiberTein: Unique and important combination of ground fibers, seeds and vegetable seeds in resealable packaging including no nuts.
Works in conjunction with VeggieTein.

Unique and important combination of raw ground nuts, seeds and vegetable seeds. Includes high quality protein, if allergic to nuts use only FiberTein.

Price Breakdown:
The cost of a 2 month supply of Fibertein and VeggieTein is $48.05, if taken for 60 days it comes out to be only $0.80 per day! When “Veggie Cream” is added the total cost for each meal is less than $3.00 per meal!


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Option #3
The Following Programs Are
For Intensive Cancer Management

Intensive Cancer Management Program

or Six Steps for complete nutrition with Food Support Supplements:

1. Step 1, Pak 1
Includes supplementation to boost genetic and immune factors within every cell.

2. Step 1, Pak 2
Green Ambrosia--includes large quantities of RNA & DNA to strengthen the genetic factor.

3. Step 2
Helps to remove bodily toxins by cleansing and toning the intestinal tract.

4. Step 3
Aids in strengthening the heart and brain, as well as cleaning up the circulatory and blood system. This is very important as toxins are being removed from the body.

5. Step 4
Aids in cleansing and toning all your organs

6. Step 5
Customized Program - People with all types of cancer should immediately change their diet to one that best enhances their individual genetic make-up.

7. Step 6
Maintenance Program - For long term up keep of your total health and wellness.

There are various factors that can lead to cancer. Environmental toxicities appear to be one of the most important areas of cancer causation and cancer prevention. However, this is yet to receive adequate recognition from the cancer research establishments. Free radicals, unstable molecules produced from tobacco, smoke, radiation, etc., circulating in the body can attack and destroy cell membranes. Accordingly, the body becomes more vulnerable to various cancer initiators and promoters. In addition, free radicals can interact with cellular DNA causing mutations which can lead to cancer formation.

The basic mechanisms that account for the development of cancer reside in the cellular genetic material, primarily the DNA. When this genetic material becomes altered, it can turn on a cell's proliferative capacity if a cancer promotor comes in contact with it.

A diet that contains large amounts of processed foods can contribute to cancer production. Processed foods can contain partially hydrogenated fats and chemical additives that are potentially carcinogenic. Switching the diet to consist largely of organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains with little or no fat or meat (particularly grilled, charred, smoked or cured meats), is highly recommended. In addition, everyday consumer items, including household products, cosmetics, foods and beverages, can contain carcinogenic chemicals and contaminants.


RNA & DNA--These nucleic acids play an important role in our genetic and immune factors. Because most people's diets are high in processed foods, as well as they are constantly being bombarded with toxins from the environment, they are typically RNA & DNA deficient.


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