People with General Health Issues
Energy, Anti-Aging, Weight Control, Skin Rejuvenation, ADD, ADHD
Start with our Getting Started (link goes to offer. Review the 3 books and begin to implement the program. Once familiar, order my general health phone consultation to develop a personalized program. Click here for our general health consultation options .
click here for my Initial Consultation

People suffering from Cancer and other Degenerative Disease
Order my Intensive phone consultation immediately so we can create a menu and begin implementing a personalized program.
Click here for my Intensive Consultation

For both options you will be required to fill out an Initial Nutritional Analysis. I will review and create a menu based on your answers. Special considerations are given to your current condition and your desired results.

If you have not started using Cell-Pure Foods you will at this point. You will be given specific information about using the recipes from "The Food Cream Book", "The Marinated Salad Book", "Feel Well For Live Guide Book 1" and the "Bridge Menu" Books and receive a recommendation of foods to avoid at this time.

Follow-Up Consultations
Each month a review of your progress and further explain your bodies reaction.
• Review of your daily journal
• Menu Adjustments
• General Maintenance
These consultations are at a reduced rate for people who are actively using the Dr. Hanna Program. After your Initial or Intensive Consultation Dr. Hanna will discuss this with you.

Phone consultations are by appointment only. All appointments must be set and paid for in advance using our easy and secure online pay system. All phone consultations are private and will remain confidential.

ATTENTION: The following information is intended as theoretical and conceptual background information only, not as medical information. The information given here is educational only and was designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, you are urged to seek medical help.

Initial Consultation

30 minute review of Nutritional Analysis
+ 30 minute phone consultation
+ 30 minute Follow up (one week later).


Prior to first consultation Dr. Hanna will review your Nutritional Analysis and create a program based on your needs. After your first consultation you will begin implementing the program. During the initial cleansing process your body will experience positive side effects due to the removal of toxins. Your follow up consultation will include explanations of the positive side effects and possible menu adjustments. Dr. Hanna may create a special formulae for your needs at this time.

• Increase Energy
• Improve Focus
• Clears Skin - blemishes and acne.
  The best option for teens with skin problems!
• Control Your Weight! No fad diets, eat your regular foods.
• Strengthens Fingernails, Toenails and Hair.
• Significantly Improve Your Overall Health.

• Foods to avoid
• Explanation of process and benefits.
  - How to combine vegetables and protein to give your body the 44 nutrients it needs each day.
  - What you can expect from this program.
• How to create healthy and nutritious meals in your kitchen.
  - Marinated salads: review from The Marinated Salad Book.
  - Food Creams: review of The Food Cream Book - instructions on making "Veggie Cream".
  - Create a menu that works for your specific needs.
• ”Special formulae” may be needed to maintain the function of your organs.

Follow up Consultation (after one week)
* Menu adjustment
* Alternatively Colon cleansing depends how much toxin you accumulate in the body.

Two 30 minute consultations: $150.00

After completing order you will be automatically directed to an online Nutritional Analysis you will need to fillout.

Intensive Consultation

If you are suffering from cancer or a serious disease your diet will need to change as soon as possible.
It is important to begin an agressive plan, contact me immediately.

1 hour  initial + 1 hour follow up consultation: $250.00
includes 16 mixture, books, 2 consultations

First Session
Identify your 10 inherent weaknesses and give nutritional support for them. Menu adjustments will be made and in some cases a ”special formulae“ may be needed to support specific conditions in your body.
• Strengthen 10 Inherent Weaknesses
• Menu Adjustments
• Develop ”Special Formulae“ if needed

Second Session
• Menu adjustment
• Recommendation for colon cleansing - dependent on the amount of toxin buildup
• Cleansing & Toning your Major Organs
• External Procedures for cleansing the body and skin

Nutritional support for those with health concerns. In conjunction with your personal physician I will recommend foods to take before and after medical treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation and other medical drugs.

Intensive Consultation - $250.00: Includes two 60 minute consultations, Dr. Hanna 16 mixture and Three recipe books.

After completing order you will be automatically directed to an online Nutritional Analysis you will need to fillout.



Focuses on:
• Helping you transition into the full programs for your specified condition
• Maintaining a general sense of overall well-being Designed for Children, Teenagers and Adults suffering from a short attention span, hyperactivity, addictive behavior, depression, anger and rage.

Low Energy levels cause all diseases. When weak cells become stronger, you will have more energy, your body is better able to fight disease, you will see fewer signs of aging and wrinkles.
Focuses on:
• Improving vitality, energy level and overall health
• Rejuvenating the condition of skin, hair, eyes and nails

Skin problems develop when the cells in your body and the skin become full of toxins and fatty deposits. The cells lose normal function and become weak, sick and old before their time. When you release toxins you can cleanse, rebuild and chemically balance the cells, allowing them to function like young healthy cells
Focuses on:
• Toning and strengthening the muscles and tissue of the face and neck
• Techniques and Facial Exercises

you will lose weight still eating your favorite meals.What’s really amazing is that most people say they no longer crave unhealthy foods.
Focuses on:
• Eliminating excess body fat
• Reducing chemical imbalances in the endocrine system
• Restoring energy levels

Recommend intensive consultation.
(Personal Physicians permission required.)
Stress, fatigue, and a rundown immune system all contribute to developing disease. This easy step-by- step program rebuilds weak, sick and old cells.
Focuses on:
• Nutritionally strengthen and balance the function of the sick cells in all organs of the body

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The Dr. Hanna Institute products are sold as food supplements only, for nutritional
strengthening of the weak, sick and old cells in the organs and in the skin. No health
claims are either made or implied. No nutritional product has ever been proven to the standards of the Food & Drug Administration to cure, prevent or diminish any human disease. These comments are provided for educational purpose only. If you suffer from any disease, please consult your doctor.