Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Dr. Hanna and How Did She Develop This Concept?
Doctor of Medical Sciences "Aging Process at Cell Level" - Ph.D.
Cellular Pathophysiologist and Nutritional Counselor

• Specializing in Histology (tissue anatomy), Pathology, Neuropathology.
• Former Exchange Scientist, Salk Institute, La Jolla, California
• Former "Adjunkt" Director of Electron Microscopy in Unit Laboratory of Neuropathology Department
• Psychoneurological Institute and Postgraduate Medical Educational Center,
Warsaw, Poland *Electronmicroscopic Studies of Fibroblasts in the Process of Aging of Tissue Culture"

Dr. Hanna's concept of cellular nutrition is based on her personal issues with nutrition along with her medical studies and independent research into the effects of foods and herbs on the cells that make up our organs. In addition to her laboratory experience, Dr. Hanna provided nutritional counseling to individuals dealing with arthritis, senility, cancer, allergy/sinus, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, heart and brain disorders.

What Is Cellular Nutrition?

Nutrition (food) that easily penetrates through the cell membrane, is digested inside the body of the cell, is accepted by and rebuilds the function of individual organelles in the cell.

What is Dr. Hanna 16?
Dr. Hanna 16 is my product line which includes 16 ingredients that are essential for proper nutrition. Products developed to make the transition from cooked protein to raw protein easy for everyone.

What is Cell-Pure Para-Therapy?
Individual nutrition programs I have developed for sick and healthy people of all ages. Including educational books, recipes, Dr. Hanna 16 products and food support supplements.

Why Do We Endorse Ground Raw Protein - Ground Seeds & Nuts?
Ground: Small molecules hold native enzymes and are utilized easily by our cells while powdered protein loses enzymes and causes bloating.
Raw: Raw proteins easily penetrate cell membrane and rebuilds the function. Cooked protein coagulates, loses enzymes and becomes toxic during digestion.
Protein: The proteins we use come from nuts, seeds, vegetable seeds and vegetables. Seeds and nuts are rich in nutrients that are easily utilized by your body, improving the function of DNA, RNA and Genes (silencing genes - non-active).

Dr. Hanna's View on Animal Protein
: Animal protein should not be eliminated completely, your body has incorporated animal protein in the composition of your organs over generations. You can slowly reduce animal protein from your diet by listening to your body, as you get adjusted to eating raw protein your craving for animal protein will subside.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, eliminate animal proteins from your diet immediately..

I have Heard Raw Nuts Carry Microscopic Parasites and Worms, Do The Nuts You Use Have These?
Almonds do not contain microscopic worms and parasites
Macadamia Nuts include B17 which is a very important cancer fighter
Note: Cooked or Roasted nuts lose their native enzymes and do not penetrate the cell membrane or penetrate the cell membrane as toxins.

Organic Vegetables are Very Expensive and Have a Short Shelf Life - How Can I Afford Your Programs?
My programs teach you how to create vegetable combinations in cream, chopped and shredded form that have natural preservatives such as organic lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Simple refrigeration can allow for a two week to four month shelf life. My recipes cost less than $3 a serving.

My Doctor Has Told Me To Avoid Raw Vegetables, Why Do You Endorse Them?

Vegetables in cream, chopped or shredded form are quickly digested and enter the bloodstream without toxins - eliminating the problems that come with vegetable digestion. The key is in the preparation, we do not chew our foods enough and the digestive fluids in our stomach are not secreted for up to an hour and the vegetables will spoil in our stomach, releasing toxins into our bloodstream. You should avoid lettuce (organic or commercial) as there is a high chemical, pesticide and germ content.

I Have Tried Raw Foods And Do Not Have The Time To Prepare Them, How Are Your Recipes Different?
The recipes can be made months in advance, drastically reducing your preparation time. All ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. We also offer Ready-To-Go Foods that can be eaten on the fly.

I Use Nutritional Supplements, Are They Doing Me Any Good?

Nutritional supplements are very difficult to digest and absorb in our bodies. The capsules and tablets go right through our system and are not utilized by our body. Liquid supplements are processed, our bodies do not understand processed food and how to use them so it becomes toxicity.

If I Buy Your Recipe Book, Is That All I Need?

My recipes work in conjunction with your normal diet. The books include menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am not trying to change everything about your food intake only to support your existing diet with complete nutrition.

Will This Work For My Pet?

Yes - the FiberTein and VeggieTein combination (Dr. Hanna 16 Mixture) in paste form is excellent for all types of animals. One to Two teaspoons mixed in with their normal food.

Do You Offer Consultations?

Yes, for people who have been diagnosed with disease I offer one-on-one phone consultations to prepare a nutrition program that addresses your specific needs. 30 minute consultations start at $150, included in this price is a short consultation on what foods are affecting your health and what products you should use to replace them. For more information, email me at

All Of The Dr. Hanna Institute's Products are available individually

The information included on this website is intended as theoretical and conceptual background information only, not as medical information. The information given here is educational only and was designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, you should urged to seek competent medical help.