Why & when do cells and organs age?
The cells in your body and skin begin the aging process when you are only 3 years old! We are aging faster than ever due to the many toxins that surround us. In addition, we are more susceptible to disease and our personal stress levels have become a growing factor in the aging process.

What causes wrinkles and dark spot on the skin?
The answer is toxicity, which the body accumulates in the cells of the skin and body over the years from undigested foods, pollution and contaminated water. At this point, the cells are dehydrated and shrink because they don't have the right nutrients and enough physiological fluid.

What is process for rejuvenating the skin? How does Veggie Cream help increase your beauty, energy and longevity?

BEAUTY: Dr. Hanna discovered that specific combinations of foods can help remove wrinkles and the sluggish look from the skin, make the skin more elastic, increase the sparkle in your eyes, grow more hair and nails, and even increase energy and longevity. It happens almost immediately when you start using Veggie Cream. She published a book called "The Food Cream Book" in 1994 with recipes for preparing a veggie cream in your kitchen. She also talked about the benefits of Veggie Cream in 1995 and 1996 on radio and TV interviews in Hollywood, focusing on how important this food is for increasing beauty, energy and longevity.

ENERGY: Another benefit of using Veggie Cream is increased ENERGY. Why do people today, even children, feel tired and sluggish, especially in the morning? Why do they have trouble concentrating, difficulty making decisions, anxiety, depression, feel overwhelmed and display symptoms of low blood sugar? It's because they may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. This means that the adrenal glands do not make enough cortisol, in the right amounts at the right time, in response to stress. When you use 1/2 cup of Veggie Cream on an empty stomach it immediately nourishes the brain and adrenal glands to release cortisol so you get energy immediately.

LONGEVITY: Veggie Cream cleans up and basically nourishes the cells in the skin and organs. FiberTein and VeggieTein strengthen the cell function if there is enough physiological fluid around the cells. After 40-50 years, the brain secretes less and less physiological fluid so the cells shrink and dehydrate. To continue the rejuvenation process, you must include V-Pure for the Heart and V-Pure for the Brain. With these additions to the diet, the cells receive physiological fluid from the brain so your cells and organs look and act like young cells. When you experience incredible longevity, it is possible live to be 128-years-old.
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