Live Energy “Quick” Foods are part of THE CELL-PURE PARA-THERAPY PROGRAM along with our Food Support Supplements
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Live Energy "Quick" Foods include...

Dr. Hanna 16:
Dr. Hanna 16 Mixture
Rejuvenation Bars - Original & Veggie Sense

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Dr. Hanna's Recipes - healthy foods you can prepare at home with ingredients available at any grocery store.
1. You must include organic raw fibers, protein and vegetable seeds, (Dr. Hanna 16) which have the capability of quickly rebuilding the function of the damaged cell membranes and foundations of the cells (Organalles).

2. You must add into your daily diet a special combination of organic live and raw vegetables with electrolytes. Vegetables with electrolytes have the capability to penetrate through the damaged cell membranes and the cell foundation. (Recipes)

These foods are pegged “Quick” foods because they have the ability to be instantly absorbed into the blood stream delivering nutrients for absorption by the cell membranes providing ultimate sources of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.

After a short period of time, your cells rejuvenate into healthy, young cells and the body begins to cleanse itself and establish the ability once again to receive and process nutrition.


1. Before eating your favorite food or taking cellular nutritional products, eat special
combinations and preparations of raw vegetables, proteins and grains which
include all vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes, hormones
control food, good bacteria and specific foods that increase energy naturally.

2. These specific food combinations are instantly recognized and absorbed by the
sick and old cells. It also cleans up and rebuilds the function of the organs and
skin in as little as a few days (refer to testimonials). I refer to this food as “Live
Energy “Quick” Foods”.

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