Recently medical researchers have found that it is possible to help keep the body from developing diseases, and to diminish the effects of chronic disease, if the white blood cells and silencing (damaged) genes are receiving foods (protein) prepared on an almost "molecular" level. In addition to protein, sexual hormones have a big influence on the immune and genetic systems.
Sex Hormones Can:
  1. strengthen the immune and genetic factors to stop the body from developing disease or weakens the effects of existing diseases;
  2. increase energy and vigor;
  3. act as an anti-aging agent;
  4. act as a natural pain reliever;
  5. help relieve stress;
  6. be good for your heart;
  7. give you a glow;
  8. turn back the clock.

For your body to be in optimal condition, you must strengthen the function of your immune and genetic systems. To accomplish this, you must follow Dr. Hanna's "3 Mandatory Step" Program, which will:
  1. cleanse and nourish sick and old cells, including cells in the brain;
  2. make the body secrete more growth and sexual hormones;
  3. strengthen your "10 Inherent Weaknesses."

The Science Behind Dr. Hanna's Holistic 'Medical Food' Program Excerpt from Dr. Hanna's Mini Book:
"The Science Behind Dr. Hanna's Holistic 'Medical Food' Program"
How does eating a healthy diet, eating the right protein, influence the genes and white blood cells (B-cells & T-cells)?

When you eat the right protein the carbon atom and group of B vitamins in the cell create an "acetyl group." After that the genes make their own protein and coding (corresponding) with white blood cells (B-cells & T-cells). When white blood cells receive the right protein they can not only create their own protein but they can also create the receptors that fight germs, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus and toxicity. As this process continues the silencing gene can be activated and white bloods cells can start fighting diseases.
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Dr. Hanna Karwacka Dr. Hanna W. Karwacka-Mendelson
Doctor of Medical Sciences (Dr.Med.Sci.)
"Aging Process at Cell Level" - Ph.D.*
  • Specializing in Histology (tissue anatomy), Pathology, Neuropathology
  • Former Exchange Scientist, The Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA
  • Former "Adjunct" Director of Electron Microscopy of Unit Laboratory of Neuropathology Department, Psychoneurological Institute and Postgraduate Medical Education Center, Warsaw, Poland
*Full title of PhD thesis: Electronmicroscopic Studies of Fibroblasts in the Process of Aging of Tissue Culture

I have been developing a food-centered program, based on my concept, since 1985. I have published 12 books that include information based on information I have obtained from my studies of medicine and my independent study on the subject of nutrition. In 1995 I was a guest on radio KOST-FM, in Los Angeles CA with host Sharon Dale, and in 1995 and 1996 on TV, with host Dr. Arnold Pike in Hollywood CA and recently advertisement on Radio 760 KFBS in San Diego. During all these media events I discussed my theory that the right combination of food that is specially prepared can possibly strengthen immune and genetic systems to keep the body almost disease free--the diseases you do get will not be as severe--and why we should prepare our foods on an almost "molecular" level to live an almost disease free life.

My concept is supported by scientific medical research by Dr. Gunter Blobel, M.D., Ph.D., Nobel Prize, in October 1999 and more recently, on February 16, 2016, FOX NEWS by Dr. Marc Siegel. Dr. Siegel explained that: "Research study shows that the protein from white blood cells possibly has the ability to 'destroy' cancer cells."

With headlines like: "Scientists claim 'extraordinary' success with treatment using immune cells to target cancer," we see that medical research is finally catching up with what Alternative and Innovative Medical practitioners have known for a long time. This is wonderful news. If white blood cells can "destroy" cancer, what do we need to do to make sure our white blood cells are working properly and are up to the job? The first step is to follow my 3-Step Program.
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