The following video took place on December 1995.

Dr. Arnold Pike, a consultant, teacher, writer and pioneer in the arena of public fitness, is best known for "Viewpoint on Nutrition," a show he created in 1970. It was the first talkshow dedicated to health, nutrition and fitness and was graced by the appearances of Gloria Swanson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Shirley Maclaine, among others. The show ran locally for 28 years.

With a Ph.D. in nutrition, Pike also served as the coordinator of Radio-Television programming with the California Teachers Assn. on from 1951-1969.


A longtime television personality, Pike began his television career in 1951 when he started creating, producing and hosting the first educational programming on the West coast with shows like "Playcrafters Club," "How Does It Work," "American Quiz" and several others.

In 1992 Dr. Pike received a commendation from Tom Bradley for his 42 years of distinguished educational television programming in Los Angeles.

In 1998 Pike retired from television, marking the end of a 47-year career in the medium.

Exerpt from "Variety" Magazine 2000

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