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Holistic “Medical Food” Program

The Program to Strengthen Your Immune and Genetic Systems so You Can Bring Your Body Back to Optimum Health and Vigor

If the immune and genetic factors inside the cells are strong, then the cells can be made to function like they did when they were young cells. Young cells can secrete human growth hormone which assist both men and women in living more sexually vigorous, and overall healthy, lives. By strengthening the factors in the cells we create the effect called “Cellular Rejuvenation.”

If your immune and genetic systems are working properly then you are healthy and feeling good. Your life and health depend on these two systems functioning properly. Dr. Hanna’s “Three Mandatory Steps” will explain how to get your immune and genetic systems working properly and how to keep them in good working order.

When you strengthen the function of the immune and genetic systems, you keep the body functioning at peak condition and stop the body from developing disease or weakens the effects of existing diseases. This concept is explained, in layman’s terms, in Dr. Hanna’s mini book:
“The Science Behind Dr. Hanna’s Holistic ‘Medical Food’ Program."

for Increased Longevity, Vitality, Vigor, Energy and to Look Younger!

When you increase the amount of growth hormone and sex hormone secreted by the body then there is more physiological fluid available for toning and rebuild the sick and old cells in all organs in the body so they look and act like young cells. It is important for adults, and specifically for the elderly, to stimulate the body to secret growth hormones and sex hormones.

It is important for adults, and specifically for the elderly, to stimulate the body to secret growth hormones and sex hormones.

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Men and Women of All Ages Can Increase Their Sexual and Overall Vigor Using Food Alone! To Do This, Follow the “Three Mandatory Steps,” Which Involve Stimulating the Brain to Secrete Growth Hormone Thus Increasing Sexual Function

The “Three Mandatory Steps” and Medical Foods Program are designed to strengthen the immune and genetic potential (factors) for sick and old cell in all of your organs. When your body is in optimal condition your brain will secrete hormones efficiently, including growth hormone and sex hormones.
This program has proven to be especially effective for the middle aged and elderly.
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First Mandatory Step: Obtain nutrition from Live Energy “Quick” foods, these foods include FiberTein, VeggieTein and Veggie Cream.

FiberTein to Dramatically Increase Your Energy Levels
VeggieTein to Instantly Rebuild or “Restore” Sick and Old Cells

To bring your body to a state of optimum health, include 44 essential nutrients in your diet with FiberTein, VeggieTein & Veggie Cream.

Before eating your favorite foods you should consume from 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Energy Holistic “Medical” Foods. These are a combination of raw paste protein (in FiberTein and VeggieTein) that is ground to a specific size (not powdered) and vegetables in the form of Veggie Cream. These Energy Holistic “Medical” Foods are called LIVE ENERGY “QUICK” FOODS.

Veggie Cream include Cruciferous Vegetables which “destroy” cancerous cells.

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Second Mandatory Step: Introduce food support supplements, including V-Pure for the Heart and Brain, into the diet.

It is important to nourish the brain and heart so you can strengthen and correlate the body function. When the brain is constantly exposed to electronic air pollution, electromagnetic fields (cell phone) and toxicity from indigestible foods, the function of the cell in the heart and brain become very weak. When your body is weak, sick or old it cannot secrete enough of the nutrients that specifically nourish and stimulate the functions of the cells in the heart and brain. These nutrients cannot be found in food or in herbs.

When the heart and brain have health problems these additional

7 synthetic nutrients are required: L-Arginine, Acetyl-L-carnitine, Choline Bilatrate, CO-Q-10, DMAE, L-tyrosin, and Phosphatidylserine. Since we don’t know which of these nutrients are missing in the heart and brain of any particular person we have to deliver all the of them to the body. This formula works holistically. The heart and brain will pull the nutrients they need and ignore the others.

It’s very difficult to find all 7 of these nutrients in one formula but they are all present in V-Pure for the Heart and V-Pure for the Brain. To purchase V-Pure, click here.

These formulas, containing very high-quality ingredients, come in a container that holds a 2 month supply. This products costs much less than any other product of its quality that you can purchase online or in your neighborhood health food store.

Third Mandatory Step: Arrange a Phone or Email Consultation with Dr. Hanna to discover what your personal 10 Inherent Genetic Weaknesses are and how to compensate for them (click here for more information).

At the heart of the “Three Mandatory Steps” are the 44 nutrients included in FiberTein, VeggieTein, and Veggie Cream. With these nutrients and additional support for your immune system from V-Pure for the Heart and Brain daily, your body has all it needs to fight off most diseases and illnesses like: impotence, sexual dysfunction, memory loss, concentration problems, headaches, strokes, heart disease, migraine headaches, and emotional problems. It can also help with neurological conditions such as: depression, anxiety, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Schizophrenia, and more. It’s important to find your 10 Inherent Genetic Weaknesses so you can nourish your weakest organs, and all your organs, properly and bring them to the point where they work most efficiently. When all your organs are in peak condition, and the cells are functioning like young cells again, then the “cell rejuvenation” process can start and you can experience extended longevity and sexual vigor.

The “Three Mandatory Steps” and Medical Foods Program are designed to strengthen the immune and genetic potential (factors) for sick and old cells in all of your organs. When your body is in optimal condition your brain will secrete hormones efficiently, including growth hormone and sex hormones.

This program has proven to be especially effective for the middle aged and elderly.

The Medical Food program is designed to help people:

  • Understand why it’s better not to change your diet.
  • Live a long and disease-free life.
  • Lower their incidence of chronic disease and illness.
  • Experience incredible longevity, possibly live to be 128-years-old.
  • Strengthen the functioning of their heart and brain.

  • Increase their vitality.
  • Lose weight without changing their diet.
  • Remain sexually active and vigorous for
  • Discover the 10 Inherent Weaknesses
    and what can be done to mediate them.

Original with Raw, Organic Ground (not powdered) Almonds &
Chocolate Chips. To see full ingredient list, click here.

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Rejuvenation Bars

Holistically Working Rejuvenation Bars
Full meal replacement for the cell rejuvenation process.

Rejuvenation Bars contain 16 ingredients found in the FiberTein & VeggieTein mixtures (Dr. Hanna 16 line). This powerful combination of fibers, nuts and seeds is the foundational group of nutrients in all of the Rejuvenation Bars. Rejuvenation Bars can be substituted for FiberTein and VeggieTein.

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VeggieTein or
Rejuvenation Bars

FiberTein to Dramatically Increase Your Energy Levels

Dramatically increases energy level as the protein from the fibers (bran) nuts and seeds rapidly converts into molecules (peptides and neuropeptides) and neutralizes acids in the body. This combination of foods quickly nourishes all of your organs including the brain. This nutrient-dense food is also excellent for muscle and tissue re-building. Hunger disappears, you eat less while feeling refreshed. With continued use, this mixture will improve digestive functions without leaving you feeling bloated. Great for enhanced mental clarity too!


Instantly Rebuild or “Restore” Sick, Old Cells

VeggieTein is part of the Dr. Hanna 16 and Life Energy “Quick” Foods program. This program instantly rebuilds or “restores” your sick and old cells so that they can efficiently improve the function of organs. Medical research has proven there are 44 nutrients that the human body cannot live without, and cannot manufacture on its own. These nutrients include: 21 Minerals, 13 Vitamins, eight Amino Acids and two Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 Alpha-Linolenic Acid and Omega-6 Linoleic Acid). When combining VeggieTein with FiberTein, this mixture will supply the body with most of the essential nutrients that are vital for proper cellular function. A healthy system provides increased energy, clarity and mental focus.


The Science Behind Dr. Hanna's Holistic 'Medical Food' Program

Mini Book:

The Science Behind Dr. Hanna’s Holistic “Medical Food” Program

This book is full of medical and scientific information about how the immune and genetic systems plus sexual hormones influence the body to stop you from developing diseases and help lessen the impact of diseases you already have.

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Customer Testimonials

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you graciously for helping us out so much, in trying to improve our health. We started approximately March of 2010, doing the food cream, veggie and fibertein. We were on it about 3 months, when we discovered that my husband Barry was no longer shaking. Praising the Lord for your help.

Berry has struggled with essential tremors since 2008. Initially, we had been to Mayo and probably about 7 other doctors regarding this problem. His diabetes was reversed at that time and he was no longer taking Metforman, the medicine of choice by his medical doctor. PROGRESS TOTALLY! Thank you for all your help along the way to date.

Thank you again for your help,
Debby Schultz, Grand Island, NE 68803. March 15, 2014


Dr. Hanna,

Because you got me started on your program I am now 64 lbs lighter, healthier, more energetic and no need for Viagra. I would recommend your program to Women, Men, Children and Pets. I travel all over the World and your products are with me. Thanks again for a new life and health.

John von Miklossy, Escondido, CA - 2004


Founder and Lead Researcher, The Dr. Hanna Institute

Doctor of Medical Sciences - Dr.Med.Sci, “Aging Process at Cell Level” - Ph.D.* Cellular Pathophysiologist and Nutritional Counselor Specializing in Histology (tissue anatomy), Pathology, Neuropathology Former Exchange Scientist, Salk Institute, La Jolla, California Former “Adjunct” Director of Electron Microscopy of Unit Laboratory of Neuropathology Department Psychoneurological Institute and Postgraduate Medical Educational Center, Warsaw, Poland

*Electronmicroscopic Studies of Fibroblasts in the Process of Aging of Tissue Culture

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